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Dietician Services

Health & Wellness Through Healthy Eating

Diet and lifestyle changes can be challenging and altering one’s patterns and habits can be scary and uncertain, but they can also offer some of life’s greatest rewards. If you are attempting to lose weight and start an exercise program or if your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels, Dr Tlailane’s practice can help. Our dietician services can help you break through your barriers and achieve optimal health and wellness.

Dietetics, as applied by Dr Tlailane, involves the therapeutic use of food to help manage a variety of medical conditions, translating the science of food to suit an individual’s needs. The practice welcomes all ages and treats any conditions that have nutritional implications. If you need to lose or gain weight, have diabetes, raised cholesterol or blood pressure, have digestive issues, cancer, TB/HIV, or if you just want to get healthier, you are more than welcome to make an appointment.

Our Mission

Our approach to healthy eating is a simple and effective one, and is one that the entire family can benefit from. Our vision is to help create awareness that genetic predisposition to certain conditions is not an excuse to develop them and suffer and that healthy eating can be delicious.

We believe in the healing powers of good nutrition and physical activity, with a mission to promote health and wellness and prevent chronic disease. Our dietician services will empower you to take charge of your health because your goals are possible and they matter!


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